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October 20, 2013

Dear Friend in Christ:
This year, our Stewardship Campaign focuses on “Serving Christ at St. John’s.” Your pledge will help our community continue, and expand, the many ways we already faithfully serve Christ:

  • By extending a warm welcome to newcomers and sharing the peace of Christ with our neighbors.
  • By supporting caring clergy and staff who offer encouragement and healing to so many.
  • By fostering moving music that prepares our hearts and minds for worship and leads us to communion with the Holy One.
  • By teaching the Word of God through Godly Play, youth ministries, and inspiring sermons.
  • By fellowship with one another and with our local community.
  • By supporting faith in action programs to show our service to Christ in our service to others.

As a parishioner at St. John’s, you are a member of a community that has been faithfully serving Christ for nearly 130 years. We are grateful for those who established an endowment to support our church well into the future. But we know that their careful planning alone will not sustain us. We also deeply appreciate the one-time or special gifts of generous donors in our community who helped us reach our campaign goals the last few years. But we know that we cannot count on these few to continue to carry our collective responsibility. I ask you to pray, plan, and think about your sustaining pledge for 2014.

  • Will you commit to increase your pledge by 10% or more from 2013?
  • Will you review the 2014 Stewardship Gift Table (see postcard enclosed) and consider moving up one Pledge Level from 2013?
  • Will you agree to commit to your pledge by December 1, 2013?
  • Will you pray for your fellow parishioners as they decide on their pledge amount for 2014?
  • Will you consider other ways you can help St. John’s, such as through volunteering and prayer?

In his August 11 sermon, our rector, the Reverend Jered Weber-Johnson, told us:
“God’s happiness is this – that God might invest, that God might give, that God would entrust the whole of God’s treasure, the whole of the kingdom, a gift of inexplicable mercy and grace and peace and love, a wholeness, an abundance, that you could never earn or purchase were you to spend a thousand lifetimes. God gives you the kingdom. God has put his treasure with you.”
We honor God’s gifts to us through our service to Christ. By doing so, we are formed and changed into God’s hope for us. Please join us in making a bold and joyful pledge this year to serve Christ at St. John’s.
Serving Together,
Tony Grundhauser
Stewardship Committee Chair

Gift Table and Budget

2014 Online Pledge Form

Automated Payment Request Form

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