Letter from Discovery Team – June 14, 2010

Letter from the Discovery Committee – June 14, 2010
Subject: St./ John the Evangelist Survey
From: Rector Search Discovery Team
2010-06-14 13:44
June 14, 2010
Dear Friend,
We have begun our journey to find a new Rector. The first step was the formation of the Discovery Committee. The Committee’s charge is to prepare a document that describes St. John’s historically, as it currently exists, and the community’s vision for the future. This document will serve two purposes: 1) As the roadmap in our search for a new Rector; and 2) As a way for a potential new Rector to get to know us.
The history of the parish is being compiled from documents and interviews. This survey will help us describe where we are now, and where there is desire for change. Following this survey we will have focus groups to help us express the community’s vision for the future.
Your input and participation in this process is crucial. It is vitally important that you, and all members of your family (age 12 and up), each complete his or her own survey. This committee represents you, and to do the best possible job, it is critical that we hear from as many of you as possible. As a matter of practicality, it is highly desirable that you complete this survey online to save us the expense of extra postage and tabulation time. You can do so at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/8RM8H8R. Your responses will be completely confidential. If you prefer to complete the survey on paper and would like additional copies for other members of your household, you may pick them up at the church or call the church office at (651) 228-1172.
Please also consider volunteering as a focus group participant. We will be having in-depth discussions about the future of Saint John’s and need to hear from as many of you as possible. If you are willing to participate, please call and leave your name and number with Barb, the Office Secretary at (651) 228-1172. Groups will be held in July, but you should reserve your spot as soon as possible.
Finally, please take a moment to read the Opening Statement “Why a Survey” (found on the first page of the survey) , spend a few reflective moments to answer the questions, and know that your answers will be the foundation for all that is to follow. Your answers will shape our future as a congregation.
Thanks so much.
The Discovery Committee
Co chairs: Rex Haberman and Gabrielle Lawrence . Team members: Cammie Beattie, Neysa Ellgren, Kent Furois, Christine Garner, Becky Garthofner, Cameron Gemlo, Paige Hagstrom, Laura Kochevar, Andrew Krall, Dick Lyman, Diane Norman, Joan Potter, and Ella Slade

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