Season of Epiphany


Feb 2 at 7pm: Candlemas
Our Compline liturgy will be enriched with special music by The Mirandola Ensemble for the Feast of Candlemas.
Feb 15 at 12 noon: Noonday Prayers
Pause during your busy week for a service of Noonday Prayers in the Chapel.


Feb 15 at 12:30pm: OWLs Luncheon
Everyone who identifies as an OWL (older, wiser laity) is invited to a luncheon in the Fireside Room hosted by St. John’s clergy and staff. Join us for “All Things LUTHER.” Martin Luther is the man of the year in the Twin Cities with the exhibit at the Minneapolis Art Institute. Our speaker will be Andrew L. Wilson, PhD, a traveler, author, and scholar. He says, “We tend to think of Luther as breaking from his childhood church. We’ll talk about the issue of indulgences, and how Luther’s response places him within a significant and longstanding minority of the Western Church.” Andrew’s most recent project is a travelogue (Brazos Press) about the seventy-day, thousand-mile trek he made in 2010 with wife Sarah Hinlicky Wilson, following Luther’s pilgrim steps from Erfurt, Germany to Rome. After seven and a half years living in Strasbourg, France, Wilson is now at home in St. Paul. He is the son of parishioner Roger Wilson. Bring your Luther’s Small Catechism if you were raised in the faith! And remember the refrain after each verse: “This is most certainly true.” Lunch will be Lutheran White Food (no lutefisk!)


Jan 21 at 7:30pm: Piano Celebration Concert
This year we will celebrate our third annual piano concert with a progressive piano convert using three of our instruments in the Fireside Room and the Church . . . a moving celebration! Parish musicians and Osip Nikiforov, pianist from the University of Minnesota, will perform.
Feb 12 at 4pm: Evensong
The adult choir will present music of Gibbons, Zgodava, and Graham. A festive reception will follow.

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