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ResourcesSt. John’s, the Church of the Open Door since 1881, has many opportunities for service. The church itself could not operate without many volunteers that help during church services and support other church events. Opportunities to support concerns outside the church are available through our Faith in Action programs. The mission of Faith in Action is to identify opportunities for the St. John parish to serve the community.
Opportunities within the Church
Worship Ministries
Worship is at the heart of our life together as a community. We need volunteers who serve as:

Music Ministries
Music plays a vital role in the liturgical and spiritual life of our parish. Please contact Jayson Engquist, Music Director, 651-228-1172, x36 or [email protected]. If you (or a family member) have an interest in music, thinking about serving in or on the:

Children, Youth, and Family Ministries
Activities within this ministry aspire to model Christ’s radical love, acceptance, and honoring of all persons. Contact Jean Hansen at [email protected] or 952-201-0424 or Longkee Vang at [email protected] or 651-503-0450.  We use volunteers to support programming in and with:

  • The Nursery
  • Godly Play (Sunday School)
  • Wednesday Night Youth Group
  • Journey to Adulthood (Rite-13, J2A, and YAC)
  • Confirmation
  • Youth Commission

Outreach Opportunities
Current outreach focus areas are community service, supportive housing/shelter, hunger relief, and activities tied to the Millennium Development Goals.
To learn more about or get involved in one or more of these service efforts, please contact Colleen Swope at [email protected].
Community Service
Twice a year we hold the Huge Sale, a rummage sale for our neighborhood. We hold this sale to engage with our community and make items of value available at low cost. Contact Jeff Olsen at 651-208-8265.
Each year we participate in a program through St. Paul Area Council of Churches (SPACC) called School Tools. Throughout the summer we collect backpacks and school tools for kids returning to school and SPACC distributes the supplies to children in need. Contact Jennifer Kinkead at [email protected].
In partnership with the YWCA, we also participate in The Giving Tree, a project through which we provide Christmas presents for several families in need. Contact Sue Cadwell at 651-489-1741.
Every February, St. John’s hosts the homeless for a month in our gymnasium through Project Home. Contact Gary Hagstrom at 651-454-0016.
In the summer we participate with Faith Builders, a group of area churches that works with Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity. Contact Don Postema at [email protected].
We also provide ongoing support for families in partnership with the YWCA, through  Hearts to Homes. This program is dedicated to stabilizing families at risk by providing financial assistance for housing and mentors to support, encourage, and inspire the heads of the households as they work toward becoming financially independent. Contact Patty Bryne Pfalz at 651-224-7784 or [email protected].
Hunger Relief 
St. John’s participates in several ministries for hunger relief.
The Family Place provides Sunday meals on a quarterly basis. Learn more from Sue Cadwell at 651-489-1741.
Food shelf deliveries are taken to Neighborhood House, Department of Indian Work at St. Paul Area Council of Churches, and Keystone Community Services on a rotating basis. Learn more from Vern Kassekert at 651-429-1974.
Parishioners also deliver meals through Meals on Wheels every Monday morning. Contact Diane Power at [email protected].
We also partner with farmers from our companion parish, Holy Apostles, by providing our parking lot as a location for a Farmers’ Market each Wednesday and Sunday in the summer. By doing this we provide the farmers with an opportunity to sell their produce, we get to know our neighbors, and we all benefit from the fresh produce and flowers. Learn more from Cammie and Rob Beattie at [email protected].
Fields To Families is another opportunity that evolved from the Market. We collect financial donations during the Farmers’ Market so we can purchase fresh produce from the farmers and donate it to Hallie Q. Brown food shelf. Learn more from Shirley Sailors at 651-224-4101.
International Concerns
St. John’s Clinic in Kayoro, Uganda. In September of 2008, St. John the Evangelist embarked on a mission to impact and reduce poverty as part of the Millennium Development Goals. The project, chosen by the congregation, was to partner with Give Us Wings, a St. Paul-based nonprofit that does work in four communities in Africa.
We selected the community of Kayoro Village, Uganda and the building of a clinic there to be the centerpiece of our outreach. The clinic, St. John’s Clinic Kayoro, opened its doors in January of 2012 and is serving local villagers. Over the years since, our relationship has grown with the people of Kayoro Village through video communication, Adult Education focusing on the community of Kayoro, the gathering of our congregation with Holy Apostles Church to sew clothing for the children of Kayoro, and parishioners from St. John’s traveling to the community of Kayoro Village and St. John’s Clinic Kayoro. Contact Jennifer Kinkead at [email protected] to learn more.

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