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St. John’s Clinic Kayoro in Uganda opened it’s doors to serve the community on January 30, 2012.  Since then people have been treated for a variety of ailments including malnourishment, malaria, injuries due to car accidents, and many other issues as well as being educated about dehydration prevention and treatment, family planning and many other issues.  The people of Kayoro Village are proud of the clinic and would very muck like to have running water in the clinic. With running water the clinic can offer additional services and the current water source, the water catchment tank, will not provide water during the dry season.  So the community petitioned the government of Uganda to dig a bore hole and was successful.  The bore hole has been dug!  The next step is to pipe the water to the clinic.  Give Us Wings, our partner in our relationship with the people of Kayoro Village, is getting quotes on piping the water.
St. John’s decided to take part in a fundraiser that Give Us Wings was organizing with the commitment that funds raised by St. John’s will go towards St. John’s Clinic Kayoro.
Photo of Joan Potter
The people of St. John’s formed a skydiving team to raise money for the
water project at St. John’s Clinic Kayoro. Saturday, July 21 was the day of the jump!  Our team consisted of Joan Potter, Alison Young, Lydia Morley and John Kinkead.  These four brave souls jumped out of a plane at 13,000 feet to raise money and awareness of the needs of the people of Kayoro Village, Uganda.  The St. John’s JUMPERS raised $5,074 and a generous, anonymous donor paid for the fee for each jumper so that all of the money raised will go directly towards work on the clinic!
If people would like to continue to donate they can visit the Razoo site at or leave a donation in the collection plate on Sunday.
Photo of St. John's Jumpers
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