Women of St. John’s: Nurturing Our Souls, Our Faith, Our Hopefulness

“In 2022, we initially came together out of concern for one issue and quickly realized that we have many passions, many concerns, many hopes. However, it is in gathering together that we are nourished the most. So we went forward, gathering together—sometimes a few of us, at other times the whole group—when undertaking the issues that engaged our attention.”

July 1974: Ordination Eyewitness

“My friend asked if I knew about the ordination of eleven women the next day at an inner-city church. So that next day I traveled by train, bus and on foot to the service at the Church of the Advocate. “

What Does It Mean To Be Saved?

Salvation lies at the heart of the Christian proclamation. And yet, for such a central idea, it is not always grasped in its fullness. In fact, narrow caricatures of what it means to be “saved” can lead us to misunderstand and limit the rich constellation of concepts associated with salvation throughout the history of Christianity.  

Ringing for Help: A Couplet

by Eliza Lundberg I. Let me tell you about my marriage. In the summer of 2019,A summer shy of Covid,A wedding ring went on my fingerfor keepsAt the altar of Saint John’s. Ever since having a baby,That finger has grown.For weeks my finger has been swollenIrritated, and the skin is brokenIt’s in danger of being […]

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