Salvation Forum Reflections: Part 2

by Kathy Brown

“Have you been saved, Kathy?” my co-worker asked me fifty years ago. I somehow felt that I fell short.  That experience was buried—but not forgotten.

When the salvation series taught by Dr. Mark McInroy was offered, I knew I did not want to miss it!

For six Sundays, I was able to hear amazing, life-giving, deep-dive teachings followed by the 10am liturgy. Each week was a different perspective on salvation; forgiveness, healing, true humanity, deification and eschatology. (I highly recommend checking out the Salvation series recordings on St. John’s YouTube channel.)

I found myself experiencing curiosity and awareness. Just the word “salvation” or a derivation of it would capture my imagination. I began to see immensity and possibilities in the concept. 

My response to such a deep and beautiful six weeks would be a poem.  If I were a poet, I would liken this experience to the late spring thunderstorm that is happening all around me this evening: the smell, the mighty thunder, the soaking rain, the thirst, surrender…

All I can say is I have a deeper confidence, a deeper trust in God and God’s will and ways in the world. That is big!  

So what is my response to a greater trust in God? A greater vulnerability in myself to God [people, me].  My job, with humility and God’s help, is to open the dam, to clear out the blockages that hinder and separate me from God [people, nature, myself] so Love/Salvation can flow through….

How do I know this salvation is working and flowing in my life? My big moment came in session 6 after Mark unpacked a quote by Ian McFarland that began:

Because human beings are created from nothing, their existence is already sustained fully and exclusively by God’s grace. 

My heart soared. God has our backs and always has and always will!! We are all Loved, Saved and Adored! 

What are we all yearning for? Shalom (peace with justice). It will happen. It will. It is. It has been!

I tell myself: Kathy, you can relax and trust. Kathy, keep watching for God bursting through your life in big and small ways!

So I am up for conversations over a cup of tea: How has Salvation showed up recently in your life?

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