Lenten Devotional: John 15:1,6-16

by Holly Stoerker

“You did not choose me but I chose you.” The control freak in me is liberated by these words. I’m actually powerless when it comes to gaining God’s love. It’s not my responsibility to make it happen, nor even within my ability. What a relief! I am already one of Jesus’ friends. And the other good news is that my status as “chosen” doesn’t seem to inflate my ego. It simply fills me with quiet confidence. Jesus has faith in me, of all people!

Jacob’s Ladder – Polemonium reptans

These photographs, shared each day during Lent, capture the beauty of plants native to the Upper Midwest. As we spend time in Lenten reflection, these images of new life can remind us daily of our calling to be caretakers of God’s Creation.

Photo by Jo Anna Hebberger

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