Meet New Member Chris Sanders

by Judy Stack

Chris grew up in Burnsville and lived in Seattle after college before moving to St Paul. They initially came to St. John’s because it was within walking distance and had a rainbow flag. For them, the flag showed not only openness to all genders and sexualities; “it indicated a bunch of other stances I agreed with–on the environment and social issues.”

They tell the story of the first time they came for worship. “Kathy Brown talked to me after service for a while. I realized if I didn’t come back, she’d notice and be disappointed. I had to come back.” After a few more visits, “it became a habit. After I started to say ‘hi’ to people, it started to feel like my church.”

Chris’s degree is in art; they were “always the art kid,” and they’re usually working on some creative artistic project. “I also really like languages. I’m usually trying to teach myself some kind of language. I have Greek class now. I’ve also been a fantasy geek for a long time—currently very interested in Tolkein, if anyone wants to talk about that.”

Chris has been involved in the Deep Dive Bible Study, Spiritual Discernment Group, and the media team that livestreams Sunday Services. “I like working in the background, but I think I leave myself open to what happens and let that come.”

Welcome, Chris!

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