by Sarah Dull

Welcome to the new online E-vangelist magazine!

I hope you have enjoyed the daily Lenten meditations. I would love to hear your feedback—click here to send me an email. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the contributors, staff and parishioners, for sharing their inspiring reflections with us as we journeyed together through Lent.

So, what’s next?

Well, in many ways the E-vangelist will continue to do what it’s always done: sharing the stories of St. John’s; our people, our faith, and our mission.

  • We’ll offer an article each week from clergy or staff that uplifts and celebrates the deep “why” of what we do.
  • We’ll invite parishioners to share their faith experiences through reflections and pictures that accentuate spiritual depth. We have already received several articles that I am so excited for you all to read. Don’t miss our first post tomorrow from parishioner Eliza Lundberg.
  • We’ll regularly publish profiles of new members and staff, to be a vehicle for connection.
  • We’ll commemorate our members’ birthdays each month and share the “goings on” in our community.

Additionally, the new online format will offer even more ways to share our stories:

  • We’ll have more space to post photos to better reflect the beauty of the pictures our parishioners entrust to us. And we’ll be able to post videos, too!
  • We’ll be able to share articles from other online sources that we believe offer insight and nourishment on our faith journey.
  • We’ll have the immediacy of online posting, allowing us to respond much more quickly to events in our world and community.
  • We’ll be able to adjust the format to meet varying needs—such as offering devotionals during Lent and then pivoting back to a full magazine.
  • And you will more easily be able to share the posts you want to pass on!

Most importantly, we believe, the new online E-vangelist magazine will help us fulfill Presiding Bishop Michael Curry’s vision of evangelism by furthering our ability to share the journey into a deeper relationship with God and with each other.

Thank you for embracing this innovative and faithful new format for the E-vangelist. I encourage you to “jump in” and submit your own articles, pictures, and ideas. Click here to send me an email.

Happy reading and connecting!

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