Lenten Devotional: John 8:51–59

by Dr. Judy Stack

Knowing who you are is a very powerful thing. Have you ever met a person like that? A person who needed to prove nothing to you or anyone else because they just knew who they were. Jesus was that kind of person. He did not need to glorify himself. He was, we might say today, grounded.

It is a kind of humility—but one that others sometimes find threatening. Yet in the midst of opposition and slander, he was able to speak truth, even though it brought threats of violence. In a world where self-promotion and insecure self-justification are the norm, may Jesus be so formed in us that we can bring a different spirit, one grounded in his promise that we will never taste death.

Blue Gramma – Bouteloua gracilis

These photographs, shared each day during Lent, capture the beauty of plants native to the Upper Midwest. As we spend time in Lenten reflection, these images of new life can remind us daily of our calling to be caretakers of God’s Creation.

Photo by Jo Anna Hebberger

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