Lenten Devotional: John 8:31–42

by Dr. Judy Stack

What kind of freedom do you need? Where do you find yourself stuck in patterns you can’t seem to break on your own? Because of the messages of the culture around us, we often equate freedom with being able to do what we want.

But this misses the deeper spiritual reality of enslavement to selfishness that often underlies such freedom. The freedom to set aside our own desires, to serve those around us lovingly and joyously often eludes us. We find ourselves entrapped in our anxiety and need to control, enslaved by fears and the effects of wounds that drive us to build protections rather than risk connection and vulnerability.

We can be set free to live in our higher callings only through the truth—the truth of who we are, both broken and amazingly gifted, and the truth of God’s love and care for us made visible in the person of Jesus.

Common Milkweed – Asclepias syriaca

These photographs, shared each day during Lent, capture the beauty of plants native to the Upper Midwest. As we spend time in Lenten reflection, these images of new life can remind us daily of our calling to be caretakers of God’s Creation.

Photo by Jo Anna Hebberger

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