Lose Your Life – Gain the World

Year A, Proper 7 David Eubank is an American, ex special forces who, until recently, lived in Mosul, Iraq with his wife and three children ages 16, 14, and 11. They are there as a part of a relief group he founded rescuing civilians, and providing basic relief in the form of medicine, shelter, and solidarity. Earlier […]

Sacrificing Our Sons and Daughters

Year A, Proper 8 The story of the binding of Isaac is, for me at least, and for many people of both the Jewish and Christian tradition, one of the most frustrating and least accessible pieces of Holy Scripture. It is undoubtedly one of the stories that leads the casual reader of scripture to wrongly believe that […]

Let Them Grow

Year A, Proper 11 I’ve never been a big fan of grass. If there were a way to allow my yard to return to prairie without offending the neighbors – or infecting their yards with weeds – I’d do it. But, somewhere in the past two years I must have resigned myself to the reality that I […]