We are a vibrant community that finds great joy in being together on our journey of faith. At St. John’s, where two or three are gathered, not only is Jesus present, but very often so are refreshments! Most of the time this happens organically, as we go about worship, study, and service, members will bring treats, gather, and socialize. However, there are a few opportunities to be part of intentionally enhancing the fellowship experience at St. John’s:

Contact Sarah Dull to join the Fellowship Team!

Leadership Team

This group of amazing leaders plan and coordinate 5 major parish events every year: Gathering Sunday in the fall, Saint John’s Christmas Party, the Parish Annual Meeting at the end of January, Easter Vigil Reception, and the Parish Summer Picnic. From time to time, the team may also advise and support, as able, other ministry’s events, such as receptions for the Sacred Music series.

To prevent burn out, we rotate leadership roles. So, I or 2 people will volunteer to lead each event. Members of the team can sign up for as much or little as they feel comfortable. They may lead 1 event a year or 3, whatever works for them. And, it’s a very supportive group so new leaders will always have a lot of resources to pull on.

If you have an aptitude and joy for event planning, please consider joining the fellowship team. Contact Sarah Dull.


Even with the best planning, events don’t happen if volunteers don’t show up to help set up, serve, and clean up. As they say, more hands make light work and at St. John’s we are blessed with an abundance of willing hands to make the work light and fun. To be honest, there is sometime more laughter coming from the kitchen! 

If you would like to help out but can only do an occasional hour or two, then sign up for the Fellowship Volunteer List. We will let you know when we have an event coming up and you can let us know if you are able to help. Contact Sarah Dull.

Coffee Hour Host

Help make connections happen by volunteering to bring treats and juice for coffee hour after 10am worship on one Sunday. If you’re a newer parishioner, this is an especially great way to start to meet and get to know people! Sign up here: www.tinyurl.com/SJEcoffeesignup. Full instructions and further contact information is available on the sign-up form.

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