The Vestry is the committee of laypeople (members who are not ordained clergy) who provide leadership for the parish. They help articulate the mission of the congregation, ensure effective organization and planning, and manage resources and finances. 

Within the Vestry there are two wardens:  a senior warden and a junior warden. The senior warden is the primary elected lay leader of the congregation, and serves as a principal liaison between the parish and the rector. Vestry members are elected at the annual parish meeting and serve terms of three years. The clerk is not a member of the Vestry, but handles the important work of recording all the minutes of each meeting.

The Vestry members are here to help and serve the parish. If you ever have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please reach out to anyone listed below. They are always open to hearing from parishioners!

Picture of Bette Ashcroft

Bette Ashcroft

Senior Warden

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Picture of Bob Baumann

Bob Baumann

Junior Warden

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Picture of David Bressoud

David Bressoud

At Large

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Picture of Jeff Chen

Jeff Chen

At Large

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Picture of Tisha Colton

Tisha Colton

At Large

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Picture of John Docherty

John Docherty


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Picture of Paige Hagstrom

Paige Hagstrom


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Picture of Lynn Hartmann

Lynn Hartmann

Pastoral Care

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Picture of Eliza Mae Lundberg

Eliza Mae Lundberg

At Large

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Picture of Rianna Matter

Rianna Matter

Children, Youth, and Family

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Picture of Rick Rinkoff*

Rick Rinkoff*

Treasurer, Finance

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Picture of Sally Sand

Sally Sand

Faith in Action

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Picture of Priya Schulze

Priya Schulze


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Picture of Eloise Teisberg

Eloise Teisberg

At Large

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Picture of Jered Weber-Johnson*

Jered Weber-Johnson*


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*Member of Executive Committee

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