Liberating Mary

To a world pregnant with hope and torn by division, come Lord Jesus. Amen.

The Ambulance, the Garden and the Plumber

A Sermon by The Rev. Barbara Mraz for St. John the Evangelist Episcopal church, St. Paul, Minnesota November 28, 2020, First Sunday of Advent, Luke 21:25-36 The first Sunday of Advent, 2021, those four weeks of waiting for a child to be born, for hope to bear fruit, for Christmas to come. It is also […]

In Plain Sight

A Sermon by The Rev. Barbara Mraz, October 24, 2021 In the name of Jesus,who offers us a place to rest. Seeing clearly is a gift and a choice. One and a half million Americans undergo cataract surgery each year where a cloudy lens in the eye is liquified, vacuumed out and then replaced. It’s […]

I Just Wanted You to Know

by the Rev. Barbara Mraz, September 19, 2021 On a gorgeous fall morning twenty years ago on September 11, I was at The Blake School in my classroom with red and pink geraniums blooming on the windowsills, sitting with sixteen seniors in a circle, calmly discussing a speech we had just watched: President Ronald’s Reagan’s […]

The Things We Carry

September 5, 2021 by the Rev. Barbara Mraz It was last Wednesday that I cracked and could not keep my regular 5:30 date with Lester Holt and NBC News. The planet is shrieking with fire, drought, floods, hurricanes and earthquakes. The women of Afghanistan are again buying burkas to cover themselves head to toe, thirteen […]

The Secret Chord

In the name of Jesus, the face of God turned in our direction. Amen.  Last week Craig was teasing me about asking for this song to be sung again. Yet each time I preach on this lesson, I have asked for these verses from “Hallelujah” for different reasons.  First because I just liked the song […]

Bread and Roses

In the name of God who gives us bread and also gives us roses. Amen. What things will you remember about the last 12 months? The isolation? Eating Christmas dinner with your family via Zoom? The constant fear of getting sick? Masks and hand sanitizer? School via computer? Scientists tell us that memories are basically […]

Breath, Mothers, and a Psalm

Breath, Mothers, and a Psalm Some of the images from the last ten days won’t go away: the faces of the attorneys at the trial; the video played again and again, never any easier to watch; Derek Chauvin’s face as the verdict was announced; the brief joy following as the reality of the work ahead […]


Mark 11:1-11 and Mark 15:1-47 Years ago, I remember sitting in the pew with my mother on Good Friday and closing my eyes and trying very hard to feel sad that Jesus had to die for my sins. But I couldn’t quite pull it off because I knew the joyful way the story would end! […]


Mark 1:9-15 On this first Sunday of Lent, you’ve noticed that the layout of the service is different than usual. Not only are we doing Morning Prayer as the main Sunday service, today we will pray the Great Litany, later in the service than usual. Changes in organization can be jarring or welcomed, but they […]

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