“You a lie and the truth ain’t in you”

“I grew up with this quote weaved among the many southern sayings I heard the elders speak over us and into us as children. Until I became an actual student of theology I did not know that this saying, and many others, are actual scriptural references from specific texts. 1 John 2 reads in part: ‘If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.'”

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Rahab’s story raises some important questions, such as: who is worthy of being safe? Who is worthy of being saved? Who is deserving of God’s blessing and favor for generations? Could this be the destiny of a prostitute?

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Anna, first and only prophetess of the New Testatment

“In my black christian church culture there’s a call and response we say and most anyone of us will have the same response to friend and stranger alike, and it goes like this: One person exclaims the question, ‘Won’t He do it?’ and the immediate answer is a resounding, ‘YES, He Will!’ I envision a moment like that between Simeon and Anna.”

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