By The Rev. Barbara Mraz

As outrageous as this “illustration” is, it makes an excellent point: Some things are pretty hard to reduce to a zoom call. In other ways, it reflects the first sentence of Craig’s sermon last Sunday: Come to church.

It is wonderful to have the option of zooming into services when you can’t be there in person. Yet during the next three days, there is an intimacy present in the liturgy that can best be experienced shoulder to shoulder, in the room. If you can, come to church, and not just on Easter, although we are glad to have you at any time. But you only hear part of the story then, and in some ways the parts of the story that we may most identify in our hardest times are in the services preceding Easter.

The Tenebrae service will be at 5:30 today, and Jay Phelan will be preaching good Friday at 7:00 and I’ll preach Maundy Thursday at the same time. These are somber occasions in their painfuness but also in how relatable they are — to each and every one of us. I hope to show you on Thursday that Holy Week and Easter are not as much about history as they are about our own experience and our own world today.

May this week give you its blessings as well as its lessons.


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