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Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting What: The Annual Meeting is a time to celebrate all that we achieved last year, to review the plans for 2022, thank

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Recent Sermons

Unroll the Scroll

It’s the elephant in the virtual room, as evident as the mask on my face. It dictates the format and form of our worship; it saturates the news; it affects each of us in individual ways.
In a week full of losses– from Buddhist master Thich Nat Han to the performer Meat Loaf, a week when Russian troops surround the country of Ukraine and Mitch McConnel separates black voters and “Americans,” even as we celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King (whom we will honor later with one of his favorite songs), Covid remains the story of the day.

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Water and Memory

This morning we hear again the story of how Jesus transformed water into wine. This is a sermon in which we will remember the water.

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