Women of St. John’s: Nurturing Our Souls, Our Faith, Our Hopefulness

“In 2022, we initially came together out of concern for one issue and quickly realized that we have many passions, many concerns, many hopes. However, it is in gathering together that we are nourished the most. So we went forward, gathering together—sometimes a few of us, at other times the whole group—when undertaking the issues that engaged our attention.”

The Holy Gift of Access

“First, a caveat — like any other community, disabled people are not a monolith. Every member has their own relationship to their disabled identity. But it is a fact in my experience that many, many disabled people do not want to get rid of their disability.

If you haven’t heard this fact before, it’s understandable that you might feel resistance to believing it unconditionally. Please realize, as you read this article, that the resistance comes from the messages we’ve heard from our society and its systems of power.”

Hearts Cracked Open: Creation Care Ministry

“We give up things to create a space in which we can crack our hearts open. To let God transform us. Creation Care’s activities are in the same vein. On their own, they aren’t going to solve anything, but they can change hearts and get us moving in the direction to heal our planet.”

Meet New Member Heidi Foster

“Heidi was looking for an LGBTQ+ affirming church and came across the Episcopal denomination. They decided to stay at St John’s and become a member because of the thriving community and the enthusiastic, diverse congregation.”

Meet the Staff Recital Singers

“Each of our St. John’s staff singers have such unique and beautiful vocal instruments. So I proposed the opportunity of planning a concert with them, and with excitement, we began planning!”

Finding God

“Ever since moving to Minnesota six years ago, I have discovered so many places to be with God. Yes, God is present everywhere, but how wonderful it is that each of us can find God in our own unique ways.”

Meet New Member Sue Mercier

“Sue came to St. John’s through checking out the online broadcasts of services of various churches in the Twin Cities. She appreciated the beauty and comfort of our services as well as the music.”

July 1974: Ordination Eyewitness

“My friend asked if I knew about the ordination of eleven women the next day at an inner-city church. So that next day I traveled by train, bus and on foot to the service at the Church of the Advocate. “

The Rite Stuff for Membership

“Baptisms and weddings publicly solemnify (to use a fancy church word) things that could be private commitments (to raise a child in the faith, to be in a committed loving relationship).

The rituals of reception and confirmation are similar. Like a wedding ceremony, they are public acts that create a new relational reality–one that not simply reflects the interior reality, but makes it publicly manifest in a special way.”

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