Days for Girls

African schoolgirls happily holding up their menstrual kits for the camera

Sewing for Uganda To learn more, contact Patty Byrne Pfalz at [email protected] Send Email During COVID-19: the sewing group is not meeting at this time. Shortly after we began our connection with the villagers in Kayoro, we started our sewing group. Our first project was sewing simple dresses that were carried by travelers to visit […]

Kayoro Clinic, Uganda

A woman holding a baby

Bringing Connection Across the World To get involved, contact Sue MacIntosh at [email protected] Send Email During COVID-19: No trips are being planned but the group is still accepting donations and maintaining its connections with the clinic in Uganda. The Days for Girls sewing group is not meeting regularly at this time. Kayoro Clinic Committee continues […]

Creation Care


Caring for the Environment To learn more, contact Johanna Frisby at [email protected] Send Email During COVID-19: This group meets on the 2nd Monday of every month at 6:30 via Zoom. This group is organizing to help us learn more about what we can do to care for our environment and to advocate for climate justice. […]