Committing to End Systemic Racism

Some of us have felt the effects of systemic racism our whole lives; others are newly learning about it and how to work as allies. What is systemic racism? Why is it so prevalent in the United States? What has this done to generations of people of color? The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) describes it as as […]

Feeding Our Neighbors

We all excitedly welcome the Farmers Market back each summer so we can enjoy fresh produce, beautiful flowers, and chance run-ins with friends. But unless you have sat on the committee you might not know about the most important aspect: feeding our neighbors. Each week we purchase and donate leftover produce from the market to First Nations Kitchen. […]

Episcopal Public Policy Network

We were moved to coordinate the Social Justice Every Day ministry because we heard our fellow parishioners yearning to be more active in advocacy but uncertain about how or where to do it. This month, I wish to highlight the Episcopal Public Policy Network as one resource to answer those questions and even help you get involved from the […]

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