Meals on Wheels

Helping our elders

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Meals on Wheels is a senior nutrition program available throughout the United States.  Programs are community-based and use local volunteers.  St. John’s provides volunteers for the program located at the West 7th Community Center near St. Clair and Oneida.

Our volunteers:

  • generally working in pairs
  • deliver meals each Monday of the month except holidays, each team works one Monday per month
  • Food pick up is around 10:45 am. Delivery to recipients takes about 45-60 min
  • The route includes Wilder high rise just off Edgecumbe and Lexington and 3-5 homes in the area
  • All volunteers have to fill out forms, provide references and be checked in offender databases.

The filled hot and cold food containers can be heavy and bulky; an old luggage cart to wheel around Wilder high rise the might come in handy. The food containers remain in the car and just the meals are carried to the houses.  A volunteer can choose not to do the route in bad weather, such as snowstorms.

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