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Additional photos from the Spring Brunch

In 2022 the Episcopal Church in Minnesota passed a resolution restating the wider Episcopal Church’s position supporting Reproductive Rights and Bodily Autonomy. The St. John’s Women’s Group added their voices to this statement by reading portions of it together as a witness to the fact that at St. John’s, we stand with women and support reproductive rights and bodily autonomy.

St. John’s Women’s Group

Action List (Volunteer Opportunities)

Last Update 07/19/23


Group                                   Type                                             Contact Information


Hallie Q. Brown               Food Shelf, Education                 hallieqbrown.org          


Project Home                   Transitional Housing                  interfaithaction.org


Give Us Wings                  Healthcare                                   giveuswings.org


First Nations Kitchen      Nutrition                                      firstnationskitchen.org


Planned Parenthood       Healthcare                                  plannedparenthood.org


Women’s Advocates       Violence Prevention and         wadvocates.org


                                            Shelter and Healing


Women of Nations          Violence Prevention and         women-of-nations.org


                                            Shelter (NA)


Asian Women United     Domestic Violence and            awum.org

                                             Abuse Support



Volunteer Match             Tutoring Children and Youth   volunteermatch.org

                                              Tutoring Immigrants

                                              and Refugees


Housing Justice Ctr.        Prevention of Affordable         hjcmn.org

                                            Housing Loss, Tenant

                                             Displacement and

                                             BIPOC Exploitation



Daily Work                       Helping Job Seekers with           daily-work.org

                                            Limited Language Skills


Flying Pig Thrift              Affordable Clothing and             theflyingpigthrift.org

                                            Home Goods


NAMI of MN                   Support for Persons Living        namimn.org

                                            With Mental Illness


Literacy MN                   Volunteer Literacy                       proliteracy.org



Open Cupboard            Food Shelf                                     opencupboard.org


Breaking Free               Survivor-Led Support for            breakingfree.net

                                          Sex- Trafficked Adults and



Safe Harbor MN          Support for the Human               health.state.mn.us







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