Big Wonder Child Care at St. John’s!

St. John’s is excited to announce that a new childcare center, Big Wonder, is set to open in our building on July 31st, 2023! Big Wonder is a non-profit organization that will seek to incorporate both Montessori and Reggio Emilia models of formation in an anti-racist framework that encourages spiritual inquiry; a place where kids […]

Summer at St. John’s

Children, Youth, and Families Ice Cream “Sundays”Sunday, June 18 and Sunday, August 27 at 11am in the Parking LotIce cream and other frozen treats will be served as we celebrate the beginning and the end of summer. Lumos: A Magical Vacation Bible SchoolMonday-Friday, June 26-30, from 9-11:30am at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, EdinaWe’re partnering with […]

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A Sermon by the Rev. Jered Weber-Johnson on September 18, 2022

Around the world as here at home, the flow of goods, means, monies, and resources, is stopped up and held in stagnant pools. And, while there are exceptions that prove the rule, the church has largely left this process unquestioned and unchecked, benefiting and profiting from it as we have over the millennia. We have ignored the very teachings of Jesus which envisions and hopes for a world where resources and money are not accumulated but distributed. Where the flow of health and wealth isn’t directed at the followers of Jesus and the church that purports to follow in his name, but rather passes through us and out to a world desperately in need of healing and hope.

A sermon by the Rev. Jered Weber-Johnson on September 4th, 2022

The costs of following Jesus include all we possess, and all we hold dear. But like a mother concerned for her children, Jesus seems to believe that the old ways, the ways of neighbor love and welcoming the stranger, the ways of treating everything as gift instead of possession, the ways of grace and peace, are ways worth passing along, worth giving our lives over to. Choose these ways, he is saying. Choose life.

“Stop Whining and Find Something to Do.” Be Christ. No one else is available.

Great sinner that I am, what I adore about Jesus is that he has the audacity to not only welcome sinners like me at his table but he chooses to be seen publicly feasting with my kind and loving us in public. And let’s face it, the stories at the sinners’ table where Jesus is are juicier and we sinners are far more interesting that those seated at the judgy, self-righteous, holier-than-thou tables.

Pax Romana or Pax Christi? You Decide.

A sermon by the Rev. Craig Lemming on August 14th, 2022. In the name of God who calls us to love, to heal, and to serve. Amen. The Rev. Dr. Barbara Holmes, affectionately known as “Dr. B,” preached a sermon on my first day at United Theological Seminary that made an indelible imprint. Dr. B […]

Sermon for W.E.B. DuBois Feast Day

Too often churches, non profits, and even radical organizations make the fatal mistake of not recognizing the essential agency of those most affected by the issue. We, the free individuals and allies of our time, are not what will bring forth the great social transformation that we desire on our own. Whether you believe in change through a ballot box or revolution, no matter how much organizing and planning you do, the impetus for social transformation is in the so-called nameless masses, those on the margins, whose bodies, created in the image of God make change happen.

A sermon by Colleen Swope on July 24th, 2022

Colleen Swope, in formation and discernment to be a deacon, is getting ready to spend at least a year away from us in an intensive season of learning and growth in another faith community. To recognize and celebrate Colleen before she embarks on this next chapter, we invited her to preach a sermon during the […]

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