In Plain Sight

A Sermon by The Rev. Barbara Mraz, October 24, 2021 In the name of Jesus,who offers us a place to rest. Seeing clearly is a

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The Things We Carry

September 5, 2021 by the Rev. Barbara Mraz It was last Wednesday that I cracked and could not keep my regular 5:30 date with Lester

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The Secret Chord

In the name of Jesus, the face of God turned in our direction. Amen.  Last week Craig was teasing me about asking for this song

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Bread and Roses

In the name of God who gives us bread and also gives us roses. Amen. What things will you remember about the last 12 months?

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Mark 11:1-11 and Mark 15:1-47 Years ago, I remember sitting in the pew with my mother on Good Friday and closing my eyes and trying

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Mark 1:9-15 On this first Sunday of Lent, you’ve noticed that the layout of the service is different than usual. Not only are we doing

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The See-Saw

Mark 1:14-20 Gracious God: help us today not only “to see the light but be the light” and to know “that our country is not

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A Cosmic Christmas Story

John 1:1- 18 In the name of God, eternally reborn. Amen. The presents have been opened, Santa and the reindeer are back at the North

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The Promise

Ephesians 1:15-23; Matthew 25:32-46 The year 2020 cannot end soon enough for many of us. The murder of George Floyd, the stress and outrages of the

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