Good Friday by Nathaniel Van Yperen

John 18:25b: They asked [Peter], “You are not also one of his disciples, are you?” He denied it and said, “I am not.” Today, on Good Friday, we contemplate the suffering and the death of Jesus, and we find—if we are paying attention—that something is demanded of us. I want to suggest that here, on […]

Holy Wednesday, by Don Postema

Holy Week Homilette Don C. Postema, Ph.D.   Holy Wednesday, March 23, 2016 also called “Spy Wednesday,” an allusion to Judas’ betrayal of Christ It’s Holy Week, the eternal now in which the Holy draws nearest to the mundane world in its pain, suffering, betrayal, and brokenness.  It’s intense and packed, liturgically and metaphorically.  With […]

Maundy Thursday by Judy Stack-Nelson

As most of you probably know, the liturgical designation of this day as Maundy Thursday comes from the Latin word Mandatum which means “command” (like our word “mandate”) because in the gospel reading for this day, the church has traditionally read out Jesus’ new command—his “mandatum novum”—that his disciples love one another as he has […]