“Mind Your Manners:” Humility in an Age of Arrogance

Job   38:1-7      Hebrews 5:1-1    Mark 10:35-45   I’ve never been much of of a rule-breaker.  Instead a classic nerd who usually plays it safe.  But I’ve watched stuff happen…. I’ve laughed even when I didn’t think something was funny. Way back in seventh grade, I had a classmate name Tom Mesick. Some of my girlfriends […]

You Lack One Thing

This summer the unthinkable happened. My family decided to go vegan for a month. Well, ok, it wasn’t quite like that. My family didn’t simply decide to go vegan. No, my children didn’t just one day broach the subject with me – “Daddy, we think it would be perfectly delightful if we only ate vegetables […]