Hard Truths Spoken in Love: Being Seen, Loved, and Liberated by God

A sermon by the Rev. Craig LemmingSunday, October 10, 2021 In the name of God who sees us, loves us, and liberates us with hard truths. Amen.  Every day I miss my best friend from seminary. He, his wife, and family now live in Montreal and my heart aches for those four wild and wonderful years when our acquaintanceship became a cherished friendship that over the years deepened into a spiritual […]

Seeds of Hope: Restoring Kinship and Creatureliness in the Kingdom of God

A Sermon preached by the Rev’d Jered Weber-Johnson Creation Care SundayOctober 3, 2021 A few weeks ago on an early morning run along the Mississippi River I almost stepped on a coyote. It all happened so fast. The coyote was just off the path where I was running, and all his attention was focused on […]

On Grasshoppers and Winning

A Sermon preached by the Rev. Jered Weber-JohnsonSep 26, 2021 Many of you already know about our family dog, Chester. You may not know though that our youngest, Simon Henri, also has a pet, all his own, a bearded dragon named Nacho. This summer when we went to the North Shore we took both pets […]