Depressed, isolated, worried about winter and the looming election – many of us are struggling with these things and could use a little good news as well as some laughs!  We’ve already got sad – during this pandemic many people report feeling depressed, isolated and hopeless.  

But how about funny? Let me help you with that.

Idolatry is a theme in Sunday’s reading from the Hebrew Scriptures. The Israelites are impatient and bored, waiting for Moses to come down from the mountain where he has been for forty days, chatting with God. So they pool their resources and make a golden calf and carry it around on a little float while a major party takes place. It’s funny and sad and not bad cinematography for the 1950’s. If you want to watch the clip, it’s readily available on google. Frankly, the spectacle reminds me a little of some Super Bowl half-time shows. (Feel free to disagree here.)

While working on the sermon for Sunday, I ran across these two clips from one of my favorite tv series, The Newsroom with Jeff Daniels which to me at least is the epitome of funny and sad. The first clip shows how hard it is to get people to listen to important ideas.  In the Daniels, playing a news anchor, interviews an expert on climate change.  You ‘ll find it funny or sad or maybe both. On Sunday, I’ll talk more about why our faith is actually rooted in funny and sad, in gratitude and lament. 

You’ll see me in church.


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