The Opera Scene: Philadelphia

Tonight Wed. July 15 6:30 Discussion



What makes this scene such an emotional high point? What does it teach us about each character?
An excerpt from the aria “La Mama Morte’
from the opera “Andrea Chenier”
by Umberto Giordano
Sung by Maria Callas and partly translated by Tom Hanks as Andrew Beckett.

“I bring misfortune to all those who love me!
It was in that grief
That love came to me!
A voice full of harmony and it says:
‘You have to live! I am life itself!
Your heaven is in my eyes
You’re not alone!
I’ll collect all your tears!
I’ll walk with you and support you!
Smile and hope! I am love!
Are you surrounded by blood and mud?
I am divine! I am oblivion!
I’m the God that descends on Earth
From the Empyrean, I turn Earth
Into heaven! Ah!
I am love, I am love.”

Philadelphia – Opera Scene(La Mamma Morta)

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