We won’t “see you in church” but you’ll see us!

For 2000 years, Christians have gathered to worship God. they have met in private homes, in cemeteries, in structures of all types, in prisons, in schools, on the battlefield, in war and peace, adapting to persecution, national or international events, or simply the style of the times.

Tomorrow morning, we continue that tradition as we gather in a yet another way: in front of screens.

Even if you do not have a Facebook account, here is what you do at 9:55:

1. Go on to the St. John the Evangelist St. Paul “page.”
2. You will see a little “f” for Facebook. Push that tab.
3. You will be directed to the service which begins at ten.

Jered, Margaret, Craig and I will be reading the service of Morning Prayer. I will preach on the Gospel story of the Woman at the Well, a remarkable account of the Samaritan woman’s conversation with Jesus. It is the longest conversation he has with anyone in Scripture. At fearful times, it is especially poignant; for women, there are some stunning associations.

I will continue the (accidental) Lenten series on using musical references to enliven sermons. Since the rector stole the Purple One from me in a blatant and shocking fashion, I will be raising the stakes, so to speak.

You will see us in virtual church.


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