By the Rev. Barbara Mraz

It’s a strange spring. 

A country that hadn’t been on our radar has emerged as the site of heartbreaking sorrow as another mad man in power smashes a peaceful country and the whole world is threatened.

Covid has receded — and now is gaining force again in Europe

In Minneapolis, teachers are still striking because they feel they must — and kids are out of school again. 

It’s Lent and Jesus is on his way to Jerusalem and the Cross, as millions of other crucifixions take place in the world as the good are punished for no legitimate reason.

In Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus is asked if God punishes people according to the degree of their sins. A ludicrous question, yet we have all wondered if there is some rhyme or reason as to why such terrible things happen to good people …and good things happen to “bad” people. 

Speaking of ludicrous, in a mail order catalog I received this week, this item was for sale — “Holy Bible Book Wallet — Looks just like a real Bible! $19.95.” In this heartbreaking spring, somehow I’m now surprised.

Easter is coming… and spring is, too. Meanwhile, “Let’s go out and see what Love can do.” (Sister Julien, Call the Midwife).

See you in church.


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