Water and Memory

This morning we hear again the story of how Jesus transformed water into wine. This is a sermon in which we will remember the water.

Another Way

Given the events of this week, I hope you will indulge me for just a moment to begin this sermon by retelling the story of the three wise men as if told by the Golden Girls.

Sophia Petrillo opens our tale:
Picture it, Jerusalem, first century, and three kings are following a star.

Love, Peace, & Healing in the Uninvited Guest

Over 25 years ago in a small village in Southeast Alaska, my hometown, a place on the edge of nowhere, as far from the center of it all as you can possibly get, raised the first totem pole ever raised there in modern times.

A Voice in the Wilderness

Sermon by the Rev’d Jered Weber-Johnson, December 5, 2021 for Saint John the Evangelist Episcopal Church, Saint Paul, MN Advent 2, Year C There was a moment this spring, our family was on the Superior Hiking trail, miles from anyone or anything, on a foggy chilly day, the kind that keeps the tourists indoors, and […]

The Truth

A sermon preached by the Rev. Jered Weber-Johnson for Saint John the Evangelist Episcopal Church, Saint Paul, MinnesotaNovember 21, 2021 – Last Sunday after Pentecost/Christ the King, Year B, Proper 29 Whenever I mess up in front of him, which seems to happen a lot, our associate rector likes to say with a twinkle in […]

The Hope of Glory

A sermon by the Rev. Jered Weber-JohnsonOctober 17, 2021 Fall is the most glorious of seasons. You can keep your spring and summer, and winter too, not that these are any less important or beautiful. But, when it comes to the radiance, the sheer overwhelming glory of a string of months, a whole season, it […]

Seeds of Hope: Restoring Kinship and Creatureliness in the Kingdom of God

A Sermon preached by the Rev’d Jered Weber-Johnson Creation Care SundayOctober 3, 2021 A few weeks ago on an early morning run along the Mississippi River I almost stepped on a coyote. It all happened so fast. The coyote was just off the path where I was running, and all his attention was focused on […]

On Grasshoppers and Winning

A Sermon preached by the Rev. Jered Weber-JohnsonSep 26, 2021 Many of you already know about our family dog, Chester. You may not know though that our youngest, Simon Henri, also has a pet, all his own, a bearded dragon named Nacho. This summer when we went to the North Shore we took both pets […]

Hungry to Belong

I’ve been feeling hungry lately, the kind of hunger that comes when you start to exercise more. I don’t want to jinx it, but after more than 2 years struggling with injury and the limits of pandemic, I’ve finally found my stride again as a runner (no pun intended) and, gratefully, the miles are starting […]

The Category Is: Live, Work, Pose!

“The category is ‘Live’, ‘Work’, ‘Pose’!!!” I finally caved to the peer pressure of our illustrious Associate Rector and recently started watching the critically acclaimed show, Pose, on FX. Some of you are already converts to the good news of Pose, and so this’ll be review. For others, a few notes about the show will […]